The Measurement Of Voltages This time talk of a common procedure in the service of electronic equipment whatever their nature. And slow the process of replacement of components without the appropriate analysis. At the time of failure difficult to find a turn to ask a colleague and the first thing we meet is, and will you measure voltages? Yes, but we get from the voltages obtained. Just see if this polarized? No, does exist also some short, as well as to determine any part is damaged. If you are not convinced, visit טבע. What we talk about the importance of this function. In the first talk of the need to stress and its different values applied in transistorisados assembly. Recall that in both types of transistors (PNP-NPN) Flow inside two streams, one called the base current (Ib) and the second collector current (Ic) both in the direction opposite to the direction of the arrow of issuer (in conventional sense) electrode through which current flows from emitter (Ie) and is known as total current. (Ie = Ib + Ic) = It For this to happen we need a pontencial difference between the different terminals. Or put another way require a series of voltages each of its electrodes. Recalling that from its design determines whether they will be of positive or negative. טבע addresses the importance of the matter here. so if you would as a rule is as follows: The collector of NPN will always be more positive or less negative than the issuer and, PNP would be the more negative or less positive than the issuer. Collector-emitter is considered to be those that manage the most current. The base terminal would have a voltage of just 0.6V-biased with respect to the issuer. (The latter depends on the application of the assembly) and I hope...
How To Choose And Buy aTennis Racket Tennis is important not for their appearance. A good racket is not a question of aesthetics, or should never be taken as the reference price. Please note the materials, composition and design of the racket. Of course, you do not have the chance to try all the rackets in the market to go to one. It would also be very difficult to compare from hundreds of rackets. There are many factors that define a racket: the weight, the screen (size of the racquet), the profile, balance, length, stiffness, pattern ... They directly influence the type and level of play. What racket is what really need? The best racquet is one that best suits your game of tennis and weight it can support your arm without actually producirte injury. Let yourself be advised by professional specialty stores technical aspects we need to know when buying tennis rackets: The raw material of a racket: The stiffer the material, the stiffer will be the frame of the racket. Of high to low stiffness of various materials of the racket are: Boron: This is depositing boron elements on tungsten filaments with a high temperature. The result is a very stiff fiber, but too costly. It is often used as reinforcement in very small quantities and Graphite: A molecular chains composed of carbon fiber aligned to produce a very rigid and lightweight. It is the ideal fiber to provide rigidity to the frame of the racket. It is often combined with other ceramic fibers: a fiber is very rigid and excellent in reducing vibration.

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