International Student International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC) produces several types of universally recognized international instruments. Only three types of documents: International student card (ISIC) Teaching id (ITIC) Youth travel card, or so-called Map Traveler (IYTC) International Student id (ISIC) was established in 1968 with the assistance of unesco. Since then, millions of students taken advantage of and benefits that accrue to the owner of the isic. Among those discounts of 10-50 percent on the acquisition of rail, bus and air tickets for travel on public transport, on payment accommodation in hotels, discounts on food service, medical service. Students with isic can purchase special low-cost insurance for traveling students (International Student Insurance Service). International student id card entitles the privileges while visiting sporting and cultural events, museums and attractions. Finally, it provides 24-hour emergency legal and medical help over the phone (whose number is indicated on each ticket) istc access to the site on the Internet and the database available worldwide discounts. To place an isic, the following documents: One photo (3x4); A copy of current student ID; copy of passport, to repeat the pronunciation of your name and surname. An important point: the international student card isic is valid for 16 months from 01.09 to 31.12 a year next year. Therefore, we strongly recommend to issue isic in September or October to avoid losing part of its term. International teaching certificate (ITIC) performs a similar task, but only for teachers of educational institutions. For registration required itic the following documents: One photo (3x4); Teaching certificate or a certificate of employment; Copy of passport to repeat the transcription of your name and surname. But what about the young man if he not a student, but he was not turned 26 years old? For this purpose, there is a Youth Travel Card (IYTC), also...
Tips Deviators 'Military enlistment office knocking at the door, but it's made of steel, and tomorrow talk to her because Jam! " Unknown forumchanin Introduction If you have tried all possible excuses from the military (including homosexuality))) and have nothing left to stand on Skiing and sit somewhere before his 27 birthday, you are brave and strong young man. I'll give you some tips on how to act in a particular case. Maybe useful! Gone are the days when the army was a remedy for stupidity, now out of her stupid and mentally balanced. What can we say that our army is much higher so-called 'no war' deaths, rather than in the same America where soldiers have to serve in Iraq a constant state of mental distress. In Russia, everything is done so that the army feared most of all future recruits. And let serve was two times less, it is still not much improve the situation of the soldier. Summons The main thing is not to get your hands on the agenda. Have to change residence to avoid the military office workers will have to forget about the place of residence and the best move to another city. But remember that my grandmother in the village you too (in theory) can be found. Ideally need to rent an apartment in another city. Before leaving, make the family instructed not to in no case be taken of you agenda and certainly not painted in it. Even if the randomness already painted it will be possible in future to declare that the signature is not yours and expertise to prove it's pretty simple.

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