The Computer Many schools contract people to teach to computation to its pupils, many times tie because of the cost, being that unprepared people for this practical, can delay the intellectual development dissent of them, the same ones will have great damages when they will be to construct its life, and most worse it is difficulty to arrange a place to work, since it did not learn the sufficient in the school. 2.1. The necessity of the formation of the professor All necessary professor of an adjusted professional formation for the necessities of education, mainly if this will be to teach computation, as already previously he was said, for disciplines to be only of support the other substances, the same one was adopted the little time, having become a little difficult to have a professional of this area working in the schools, since the first professionals had practically finished to leave the universities, this type of person can act in the part of the docncia as well as not only can work in the area of creation of educational programs come back toward the education area, by the way one of its instruments of work is a machine that with certainty are modifying the world brusquely, for not being a so trivial instrument, that is of high complexity, therefore that these professionals make mestrados, specialization courses among others. This so huge instrument is called computer, device capable to make any thing in the virtual area, instrument that becomes a common lesson in a much more interactive lesson, pleasant and interesting, three things that are primordial for a lesson of auto level of high understanding. Pois' ' the possibility of use of the computer as educational tool is growing and the limits of this expansion are desconhecidos' ' (BRAVE, 1993:01). If this professional...

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