Aesthetic Education We can imagine the artist free of whom it projection search of and money assediam in, as marchands, recorders, agents, entrepreneurs, medias of mass among others. This position for who can seem stranger intends to live of its art, but it is not an unknown proposal; we find similarity in the thought of the poet and Schiller philosopher, in its letters for the Aesthetic Education of the Man (15). ' ' The artist is, certainly, son of its time, but of it she will be also its disciple there or until its favourite person or thing. (...) But as the artist if it protects against the corrupes of its time, that involve it for all the sides? Disdaining its judgment. It must raise the eyes for its dignity and law, not them to lower for the happiness and the necessity, (...) must be pledged in producing the Ideal from the conjugao of the possible one and the necessary one. (...) It must mold it in illusion and truth, the games of its imagination and the seriousness of its action; it must mold it in all the sensible forms and spirituals, and launch it in the infinite time quiet. (...) Of to the world where you act the direction of the good, and the calm rhythm of the time will bring evoluo.' ' Moreover, no type of reprovao of what does not exist it lives of its art, but yes one fights declared against the escravizao of the artist, who is something well different. 6. ' ' The Versatilismo intends to free the people of the specialized analyses and to promote the practical one of the art as self-knowledge form. It is preferable that the artist makes its works always in the limit of its possibilities, searching to extend its conscience...

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