Facebook News Corporation News Corporation bought MySpace about six years ago. MySpace was very popular before being razed by Facebook. This is one of the least successful chapter of the company. The American media giant News Corporation sold the social network MySpace to the company Specific Media in a transaction valued at $ 35 million (EUR 24.2 million), according to the Los Angeles Times newspaper published Wednesday. News Corporation broke so the social network which purchased 6 years ago by 580 million dollars (402 million euros), when it was the most popular Internet, but whose value plunged as a result of the success achieved by Facebook. The agreement with Specific Media, company dedicated to the marketing network, puts an end to one of the less successful chapters in the history of News Corporation, which had a long looking for buyer for the portal. Owners change resulted in the start of a process of layoffs announced in January and will affect about half of the 500 employees at MySpace. Its director Executive, Mike Jones, announced in an internal memorandum that he would leave the company in the next two months. Two years ago, when Facebook overtook MySpace, the social network had 1,400 workers. He triumphed Facebook News Corporation purchased MySpace in 2005 at a time that the social network had 20 million unique users a month in the United States.UU. and he managed to raise that figure above the 76 million in October 2008, but the emergence of new competitors ended by truncating the success of MySpace. This social network still has 35 million monthly users in the United States.The U.S., a very lower than the 157 million figure that has Facebook in that country, according to data from ComScore. Estimated that MySpace will enter advertising in 2011 around $ 180 million (124.7 million...
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