Solvusoft Corporation You are trying to open a file that you received via email or found on your hard drive, but your team will not let you do it. You get an annoying pop-up that says, Windows cannot open this file. The reason why you can not open the file is because you don't have the exact program to open this file extension. What could be more frustrating? Now there is a way to open any cargo from dat file on your computer, without having to buy expensive programs constantly and complicated FileViewPro is an easy to use and allows you to open hundreds of different types of pps file with a single program. Open any document, you can watch any video, listen to any song, see any photo or open any file you want. One of the news recently is that Solvusoft Corporation has launched the Spanish version of FileViewPro. You you are trying to open a file that I have received via an e-mail attachment or you want to open a file on your hard drive, but your computer does not let you do it. You receive a notification that says: Windows cannot open this file. Now with the Spanish version of FileViewPro you have the solution. Opens any file wps instantly. FileViewPro allows you to open all file types: - documents, calculus books, presentations - view, edit, and share your photos - watch any video, including DVD - listen to any audio or music - file see photos and images there is no need to buy multiple programs when a program does it all. FileViewPro allows you to open any document that has. There is no need to buy 20 different for 20 different file types programs. FileViewPro opens all of them fast and easily!
Renewed Corporate Magazine A corporate magazine constitutes, for any company, a pathway essential for communication with the outside world, since it is an ideal vehicle both to keep their customers aware of all the innovations that occur in the bosom of the company, to open new markets and of interest to potential users. But, in the line that has characterized us for 30 years, we want to give something more, explains Maria Luisa Arias, CEO of Halcourier. A plus of simplicity, functionality and, above all, quality, the three traditional pillars of this company, but with a greater number of pages, sections, and a magnificent contest, which rewards customers and franchisees. Our intention is to serve, on the one hand, to maintain close contact with all and each of the members of this great family, publicizing news, explaining agreements and portraying some protagonists, in each number to let us know us a little better. And secondly, to provide our customers an entertainment, but also a interesting source of information as varied. In one case, Halcourier want participation, the competition, the response from readers and the proposal of initiatives for future issues, through the implementation underway of an e-mail address specific, that has already begun to receive opinions and constructive criticism. In addition, the corporate magazine of this urgent transportation company now has a very interesting prize, for both franchisees and customers, each month: the latter with a stay of weekend for two people with expenses paid, and the delegation of such customer with a generous donation of corporate material. At present, this company with 100% Spanish capital has about 220 public service offices spread between Spain and neighboring Portugal, 42 of them owned by the company and the rest managed by franchisees, some of which brings nearly three decades of professional relationship with the...

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