Ecumenical Council In January 1959 the Papa Juan XXIII convened Vatican II with the objectives of promoting the development of the Catholic faith; achieve the moral renewal of Christian life; adapt the ecclesiastical discipline to the needs and methods of modern times and improve relations with other religions. From 1962 to 1965 were held 4 sections involving 2650 bishops, and until then no other relevant Ecumenical Council is not known. Did what relationship this event in three years with the phenomenon of the circulation on public roads? Allow me to transcribe verbatim the statement issued by the Holy See: "the profound and rapid transformation of life requires urgently there is nobody that nonchalance towards reality or pure inertia, in conformity with a merely individualistic ethics. The duty of Justice and charity meets increasingly each one contributing to the common good according to one's ability and the others need, promoting and helping institutions, as well public and private, that serve to improve the conditions of life of the man not a few, with various subterfuges and scams, have no qualms about circumvent fair taxes or other duties to society. Some underestimate certain norms of social life, for example, those relating to hygiene or to the driving rules, without worrying that their neglect endangers their own life and the lives of others'. As well the document guidelines for the pastoral care of the 2007 road makes clear, it was called motivated by lorry drivers transporting goods traveling long distances, and drivers of automobiles and buses; by tourists travelling by road and trains; by those responsible for the safety of traffic, makers of distributors of fuel and of the restaurants on the road, etc. One of the fundamental missions of the Catholic Church today is reporting dangerous situations, such as public roads that happen. But...

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