Mediumsized Companies In our country, the computer security that is practiced in companies is weak, we do not have a culture developed within the staffing structure, the majority of companies do not consider a person dedicated to security features, but that mixes its functions with others such as infrastructure, database, even technical support managementforcing to forget security features to cover the day to day. The idea of an OSI (computer security officer), nor in the correct position within the organizational structure of the company is not conceived. A common practice is to save costs by skimping on computer security, when the business grows considerably or suspected fraud and/or leakage of information, just then there is thought in implementations of computer security. With the massification of Internet use, companies are permanently connected, as well as the increase of computers and mobile applications keep users connected with their company, but the dangers are increased considerably, companies must understand that it is not enough to have a firewall (in fact some do not have one), have set once and leave it at that forever even if you change applications and the infrastructure of the company. It is also a reality that in medium-sized and large businesses that have managed to create an area of computer security, they lose their direction, focusing only on the accesses, and limited by not being able to point faults within the information technology area, because they are trying to avoid internal conflicts. The users awareness is an important factor, if not applied computing enterprise security policies, these would not make sense, i.e. that it for having a series of policy if the user when it is missing or is on vacation facilitates your key to his companions in order to not affect productivity, since the majority considered cumbersome procedures for...
Storage Room Rental At Almazen.es we have many years providing self-storage services to our customers. We know that these concerned especially the security and manageability of your belongings without risks or unnecessary hazards. Our efforts in these and other aspects are our challenge every day. Therefore we are very satisfied with the final balance of the survey that we have made to our customers. The questionnaire consists of five questions relating to security and accessibility in our facilities, the results and scoring average that they have given us, those who know us best, are very satisfactory. Below we transcribe them the survey and its results: the question please rate from 1 to 5 security systems at the entrance to installations of Almazen 80% of the respondents scored with a 5-20% with a 4. The question values 1 to 5 in the storerooms of Almazen security. 95% Of the respondents scored with 5% and 5% with a 4. The question values 1 to 5 automatic loading and unloading of Almazen systems. 92% Of the respondents scored with a 5-8% with a 4. The question values 1 through 5 the security in the area where is located Almazen. 75% Of the respondents scored with 5% and 25% with a 4. We should mention that the survey has been completely voluntary and anonymous among our customers and that the participation rate was 63% of all sent invitations. As we have indicated previously, a priority objective for us is the full satisfaction of our customers, especially in security, and we are satisfied with the data published here, but not it lessens our effort and resources to continue improving every day.

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