Storage Room Rental At Almazen.es we have many years providing self-storage services to our customers. We know that these concerned especially the security and manageability of your belongings without risks or unnecessary hazards. Our efforts in these and other aspects are our challenge every day. Therefore we are very satisfied with the final balance of the survey that we have made to our customers. The questionnaire consists of five questions relating to security and accessibility in our facilities, the results and scoring average that they have given us, those who know us best, are very satisfactory. Below we transcribe them the survey and its results: the question please rate from 1 to 5 security systems at the entrance to installations of Almazen 80% of the respondents scored with a 5-20% with a 4. The question values 1 to 5 in the storerooms of Almazen security. 95% Of the respondents scored with 5% and 5% with a 4. The question values 1 to 5 automatic loading and unloading of Almazen systems. 92% Of the respondents scored with a 5-8% with a 4. The question values 1 through 5 the security in the area where is located Almazen. 75% Of the respondents scored with 5% and 25% with a 4. We should mention that the survey has been completely voluntary and anonymous among our customers and that the participation rate was 63% of all sent invitations. As we have indicated previously, a priority objective for us is the full satisfaction of our customers, especially in security, and we are satisfied with the data published here, but not it lessens our effort and resources to continue improving every day.
Depreciation The objective of depreciation would be to establish accounting depreciation necessary and fiscally permitted, able to maintain productive capacity, guaranteeing a theoretical replacement value of assets, and especially of that affection to production. Do we carry book of immobilized? in him will have to breakdown of initial value, periods and depreciated values, differential net value of two expressions. In other words, invalid, set a quota of 12,000 euros in global annual depreciation, with debit to the 68 group, without the breakdown of the fixed assets concerned. The breakdown of the 28 group should have fair correlation with a suitable amortization individually on the book's corresponding fixed assets. Example of tables of finance... Bad debts and late payment review paragraph of clients and debtors, with enforceable debt of more than 90 days (for example) classification of customers, based on: NORMAL that client that works within deadlines, and contractual compliance, or with delays justified objectively. DOUBTFUL that customer, that is going to break, has reneged on occasion not to justified, and that has not come to los90 days late (according to company policy) DELINQUENT that which exceeds the period of 90 days from the expiration of your payment, or that being in normal situation, assumes that this deadline could be reached. The possible failed one that having passed the previous stages or not, means that we could have partial or complete loss of our debt. That failed in that we have suffered partial or total loss postings: 435 (should) / 430 (having) transfer quality client 690 (should) / 490 (have) imputation to loss a rule of operation, is to qualify as customer doubtful one who makes more than 90 days must pay it would qualify as a failed client, one in which we anticipate a real possibility of calamity, either by court...

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