Secretary Sinforoso Quintanilla Among them, by their importance and economic capital, is the pious work of Espinama, founded by Alejandro Rodriguez of Cosgaya lebaniego indiano, and that in the words of Demerson, was committed an outrage, because in 1804, by reason that the Foundation not managed the law collected del reyno and lacking because circumstances prevented itIt suppressed and passed their flow to the economic Cantabrica . With the war of independence (1808) ceases the activity of La Cantabrica, and even in spite of the Royal order of 9 June 1815, calling the economic activity, they have to spend nearly twenty years more for their restoration. In 1836, La Cantabrica is regulated by a few new statutes introduced part of amendments raised in the R.O. published the Regency for that purpose. Already there are not subordinate boards because since 1815 the economics can constitute peoples - and also varies its denomination, primarily serving the new territorial division of Spain in 1833, renamed Royal Society economic Cantabrian of the city of Santander. In later years the activity of society seems to focus exclusively on the situation and the clarification of the accounts of the old Cantabrian seminar, and the creation of the Cantabrian Institute, for which already in 1839 is concluded even its regulation to the Government Interior of its Executive Board. In 1840, consists at La Cantabrica Secretariat have input the statutes of the newly created economic society of friends of the country of Liebana. And as of this date, the Cantabrian of the city of Santander, practically inactive, until in 1877, out of files in which lay, they resurrected it, inter alia, Cornelio de Escalante, Felipe Diaz, Genaro of Cos and Santiago Sautuola. But this resuscitation was followed by a State of stagnation that scratching the end of the eighties its new...
Insurance It is routine in our consultation of obesity surgery the frequent question of our patients about whether surgery may be covered by insurance policies that have, up to this point had been punctual cases that had been covered under very strange criteria by some insurance companies. Since last July 29, 2010 entered into force in Venezuela the new activity insurance law, which among its amendments are recognized pre-existing and acquired diseases like morbid obesity, among others. That we can expect from this law? In view of surgery which has been linked since a long time ago with the aesthetics and beauty be insurers have related it with plastic surgery; reason why have refused to cover it, the our goal always has been reporting that obesity is a disease that, as such, brings many limitations in patients and that is inducing a significant amount of diseases among which we can count: Arterial hypertension, Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, among other diseases that you derived in disability and death. We believe that before the entry into force of this Act, the insurance companies will be very suspicious of which cases in specific cover back to intense evaluations of case in particular; so far the criteria used to cover surgery for firms who accepted it were as follows: mass index body exceeding 40 Kg/mt2 submit at least 2 diseases along with obesity such as: hypertension blood chronic Diabetes type II Sleep Apnea severe hemorrhage Hiatal Hernia with reflux. Vesicular lithiasis. Metabolic syndrome all these corroborated by specialist doctors. We think that they will maintain these criteria, yet we hope.

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