Camp Sunshine A. M. / M. B camp faces various problems when we meet 15 days of putting up: fear of an eviction, disorganization, the outraged mass assemblies in Assembly decided to continue with the camping. Democracy Real already prepares a worldwide mobilisation for October 15. Fifteen days of indignant in the Puerta del Sol camp met. Two weeks in which the central Madrid plaza has become a symbol of protest against the crisis and the management that the politicians have been doing it. A period in which, for many, the enthusiasm for change has given example to the rest of Spanish and even European cities, but also a time that, for others, the initial objectives of the movement has been diluted. And it is that predominant idealism in the early days at Camp Sunshine has been giving way to reality. The main problems are occurring at the level of infrastructure and of coexistence, it sums up to one of the participants in the camp. These are some of the conflicts that, after the decision to keep camping taken in House this Sunday, suggest the need for a restructuring of the same, as they proposed this Sunday some of the commissions. Insecurity. There are many pickpockets that take advantage of the agglomeration of people concentrated in the plaza and the climate of good vibes to make his August, says Pablo Gomez, spokesman for the Commission's communication. Despite the mediation and intervention by the Commission of respect, have also occurred, as it has been know, confrontations between groups of punks and latin kings. The other day they tried cutting the neck one, he has one of the participants in the camp. These incidents are starring, as the outraged, by outsiders to the movement that do not have any interest in this and approach...
National Armed Force Yesterday I saw a chain of radio and television with our Mr. President announced his visit to our country, I confess I had no stomach to see it in full because I was eating my late lunch ... What I could see was the bit warning and reminded that the poor old man, General Muller, about the inconvenience of a confundirsea with the issue of politicization of the National Armed Force (FAN) when in my opinion there is nothing more lucid and real recognition of the doubly retired general in the sense that the FAN is politicized and party-and there is no better proof that the mandatory exclamation that a Patria, Socialism and Muertea Are not as active members of FAN and members of the first proponents the nascent PUSV? ... I hope that someone is responsible to remind you that the Constitution (should call it moribund?) expressly forbids it ... But it is from these discussions gossip media I write today's presidential and shortly after (or was it before?) General warning, the President proudly showed us the strategic achievements of his visit to Iran, particularly in the area of the petrochemical industry. In his improvised and superficial read-revised brochure that supported his words with two or three things I want to emphasize one hand: If it is true that Venezuela is not producing syringes and other medical supplies primary plastic material for use and features are of high consumption and meant a huge expense in importing items and it seems great to occur in the country.

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