Stylish Design A Holiday For Boys It is no secret that women's birthdays are not like men, just as adults do not like children, occupies a special position birthday boy when the child becomes an adult, but he still remained fun to play in my head. It was on such a design, we'll talk today. Bright colors. Strict clean lines, three-dimensional shape suitable for a boy. At the entrance put the arch in the shape of a star as a symbol of future success. The theme for the celebration can serve horoscope, such as tiger party. Helium chain of orange balls with a thematic pattern, free-standing figure of a tiger made of balloons with a happy grin to welcome visitors at the entrance. Personal hobbies are scuba diving provide for registration of the sea party. Swirls transparent balls, bubbles on the ceiling, helium fish, colorful octopus, one of the balls can make the whole underwater world. Finally, the presence of black balls or severe Flowers in the compositions of the balls will make registration less pretentious and concise. Stars suitable for young star with far-reaching plans. They can be used to decorate the entrance arch. Helium chain with the stars on the ceiling or high rotunda with falgirovannymi stars on the pillars will add solidity and Gothic elements. Attributes races 'Formula 1', for those who love speed. Balls with the figure "" are added to the composition table for guests. Go-kart racing, balloon modeling (broad money), another diversion for photography. You can also use in the design of any sports accessories: figure footballer of balloons for football fans hockey with a stick for a real man. Girl with an oar for the perfect lover, a mermaid with a tail for a true captain. Finally, the hourglass for those who value their time, for the future of...

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