Tips Deviators 'Military enlistment office knocking at the door, but it's made of steel, and tomorrow talk to her because Jam! " Unknown forumchanin Introduction If you have tried all possible excuses from the military (including homosexuality))) and have nothing left to stand on Skiing and sit somewhere before his 27 birthday, you are brave and strong young man. I'll give you some tips on how to act in a particular case. Maybe useful! Gone are the days when the army was a remedy for stupidity, now out of her stupid and mentally balanced. What can we say that our army is much higher so-called 'no war' deaths, rather than in the same America where soldiers have to serve in Iraq a constant state of mental distress. In Russia, everything is done so that the army feared most of all future recruits. And let serve was two times less, it is still not much improve the situation of the soldier. Summons The main thing is not to get your hands on the agenda. Have to change residence to avoid the military office workers will have to forget about the place of residence and the best move to another city. But remember that my grandmother in the village you too (in theory) can be found. Ideally need to rent an apartment in another city. Before leaving, make the family instructed not to in no case be taken of you agenda and certainly not painted in it. Even if the randomness already painted it will be possible in future to declare that the signature is not yours and expertise to prove it's pretty simple.
Stop Smoking Let's think about how Quit smoking? In my opinion there are three basic ways to quit smoking: 1.C excellent book by A. Carr "Easy Way to Stop Smoking". The book has a tremendous positive charge on the fight against cigarettes. While reading it, want to quit "right now". I will say that many of my friends quit smoking thanks to this book. Here's a link to download () 2. Something happened, there is a strong reason. Rather inefficient way to to combat smoking, which, however, sometimes works a hundred percent. This is when a man succumbing to the inner impulse, wakes up in the morning and decides: "Everything! Today I do not smoke! ". Typically, such a reason everyone is looking for himself, and if the motivation is strong enough, the chances of success are great enough. Personally, I threw a half years ago in connection with personal motivation. 3. C lozenges, patches, inhalers and homeopathic remedies. All these medications, referred to as "replacement therapy" to treat tobacco dependence are working on the same principle - provide the body a "clean", without any mixture of tar, nicotine, thereby reducing the number of smoked cigarettes and relieves the symptoms of withdrawal when the total elimination of smoking. Work if you do not forget to take pills and you realize why you do it. On the example of good friends saw from inefficient this method. Inside the huge changes taking place when a person quits smoking. Change is particularly evident in these first few weeks after the rejection of cigarettes reduced gustatory and olfactory sensitivity, there is a charge of vivacity. Many people say that smoking made them lethargic. To finally get rid of the habit of someone half a year have consistently not smoke, someone 10 years old. Well, here we...

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