Securities Act the endorsement of the document to the emisora entity constitutes proof of having received the funds indicated in the title, notwithstanding that the receipt is issued separately (Inc. c). Case of the certificate in a foreign currency, the amount must be expressed in other than the national currency, and payment of the title is made in that currency, not remain applicable rules on the payment of the title in the national currency at the exchange rate prevailing at the date of expiration, or to the payment, according to the rules of the Securities Act securities. in the case of discrepancy in the amount, must always prevail the lesser amount, as stated in article 5 of the law of securities values. The omission in the indication of the reference currency perjudica the title. given the formal nature of it, we dare not say that because this title makes reference to a minimum amount of allowances, equal to the currency of the US dollar, we should presume that the discrepancy be resolved by reference to such foreign currency (Inc. d). Expiration date can not be set to one period longer than the year (Inc. e), excess in the form of the timetable hurts the title and removes the Exchange merit to it. In terms of the place of payment (inc. f), this is not essential, its omission gives rise to the application of article 221. In the case that among the conditions of the issuance is considered an early rescue, payment of the title, before the expiration senalado, through mechanisms as the draw required to be matter of specification (Inc. j). It is a prerequisite in the issuance of the title signature of the representative of the entity financial (Inc. h), and must in this case included the name of the representatives...

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