Argentine Art As citizens and cultural workers, to pay tribute through art is a responsibility that comes with an obligation, therefore, draws us into this Bicentennial, since a nation is enhanced by the commitment of its citizens. "Buenos Aires Arte Argentino del Siglo XX" is an example involving 14 distinguished artists, among others, have contributed their art and their prestige to our cultural heritage. Alfredo Bertani, eminent painter of Bajo Belgrano, a disciple of Repetto and Cleto Ciocchini; Claudio Gorrorrategui, awards and National Hall Malharro Martin, Osvaldo Imperiale, a follower of our artistic Quinquela teacher and frequent visitor of the National Hall, John Orihuel, celebrated painter hyper disciple of Rusinol; Indalecio Pereyra, a disciple of Malharro and Collivadino, Sivori National Exhibition Award; Dalmia Imperiale, a disciple of Quinquela, which perpetuated the unmistakable style created by his master, giving his personality, Claudio Scheffer, Benito Chamber Award Quinquela Martin, Virgil Vallini, painter, award-winning intimate, Alberto Gini Thomas, a contemporary painter and Joseph Martino, Italian painter Argentine citizen, founder of the Association Gente de Arte de Avellaneda, show us different styles and techniques from the inspiration of the unmistakable Riachuelo , rather than symbolic, since there was held the first foundation of Buenos Aires by Pedro de Mendoza in the ano1536. Juan Carlos Huergo, painter, draftsman, lithographer and illustrator and Vicente Vento, a great intimate disciple of Lazzari and creditors of several awards, seduce us with their views of the city. Required and deserved the presence of some of the great masters of painting Argentina, Benito Martin where one of his famous etchings, reflecting their preference for the workers of La Boca.
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