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Scythians Cherkasy were founded in the xiii century. as strengthening against the raids of the Tatars and Turks. The city's name is associated with living here by the Cossacks, Circassians. Thanks to good rail post in Cherkassy began to develop industry - built a sugar mill and some tobacco. Today, this picturesque city on the banks of the Dnieper. Green Pearl Cherkassy "called Park it. 50 Years of October. On its territory in 49 hectares - more than 70 species of exotic plants, beautiful lakes and waterfalls. Deserves attention and Pervomaisky Park, where the donations of believers have erected the largest in the country of Michael's Cathedral. Among the religious buildings - Buddhist Monastery of the White Lotus. With a history of Cherkassy region, please visit the city's museums. In local lore presents about 12 thousand items: dishes made of porcelain and glass, handicrafts, antique household utensils. Collection Art Museum - samples of ancient Ukrainian embroidery, ceramics and works of chernodymnoy other pottery artefacts - was going for 25 years. In 1989, Cherkassy, opened a unique museum of one book - "Kobzar T. . Among the landmarks are distinguished house (today Wedding Palace) and the hotel "Slavic". Interest is the hyperboloid water tower. The hotel restaurant "Rosava is The original monument moonshine. Drink from it you can taste for free. Another monument - dumplings, apparently, was built as a snack. Its discovery made the biggest dumpling - 70 kg! Attraction of our time is Bogdan Automobile Plant, which was erected several years on a former defense plant. It produces passenger cars, not only for Ukraine but also for export.

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