Security Chief Some executives think it is smart to answer with a resounding no comments. What do then? Here are some suggestions: 1. immediately constitute a Crisis Committee, which could be integrated in principle by general manager, public relations, the head of human resources, the legal advisor of the company, Security Chief and Chief Financial Officer. They will make great decisions. 2. Hire an expert in handling of crises, with broad experience and strategic vision. 3. Make a thorough analysis of the situation collecting information that is circulating in the media. 4. Name and that is subjected to a media training to a spokesperson that must not necessarily be public yougsters nor much less the general manager. You should consider a person who meets the requirements to properly handle the issue, to be disciplined and which can remain calm against harassment that he could see submitted by journalists. 5. The expert at crisis management, after analyzing information - in record time - and identify the position in public opinion, must devise a strategy of communication of contingency to cope with the crisis. In a first encounter with the press the best is tell journalists why, exactly, is not possible to give a full or official version. Here are some suggestions for reasons that can be mentioned: - because the negotiations have reached a delicate point - decisions are being taken and when we are ready we convene a press conference - because you have not yet received the full report - because stakeholders have not been informed yet, etc. but never let us remain silent! A boss who I had told me: the harmful and dangerous monsters kill each other when they are tiny, no to leave them to grow one centimeter.
Insecurity Choose the date of wedding day that align the nine numbers is simply stripped the recklessness before the significance of events. While the fact of taking the betrothal is not an everyday in the pass Act's existence, the Act of amitir - or resign!-permanent inclusion in the existence, is supposed to be full of will and perpetual longing. But cling to the enchantment of the stars to predict the sentimintos - or interest - present, is entangled in an underworld of emotional instability dominated the hesitation of the sensitivity and the fluctuation of personal perception. The fact of presage welfare and stability in the couple is part of functions from the outskirts to the same, and must not fear the duplo intimate questions, since if they start the hand with the discontinuity astral travel, your destination ceased to be subjective to gain a foothold in the heavenly spheres which are subject to the confrontation with the famous black holes! This contemporary peculiarity does not respond to the era of divorce, since if either is He established the legality of the marital dissolution to regularize the parental relationships, should be encouraged to the conjugal episode, but statistics show precisely otherwise, combining the social conditions are not the most appropriate for the lawful adventure. We find that coexistence is based on the Ethereal feelings and sympathies, when the harmony of it is held in the understanding of certain perpetual values inherent in human nature, subjected to perseverance in the daytime conscience of each one and one, however encouraging these apreciasiones in external columns subjugates the individual under a pragmatic materialismthat subjected him more than it frees you from the intrinsic responsibilities. Attached to certain Galactic events reveals the need to exit the social pressure without major punches, the urgency is a priority...

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