Social Security On the other hand, the period is extended until the 31 of December of 2011 it stops to in force transform subscribed temporary contracts prior to the entrance of the Real Decree into others of promotion of the indefinite hiring; with respect to that they subscribe later, and whenever its duration does not exceed the six months, the term is extended until the 31 of December of 2012. Contract of Formation the contract for the Formation and the learning has centered good part of the explanations of Valeriano Go'mez: it has described it like the measurement " more importante" adopted east Friday within the decree law. The minister has assured that the contract part-time " he is working very well even during crisis" and that grows a 8%. This new contract, for which the Government has paid attention to carried out initiatives in Germany, like " formation model dual" , it will work by means of " alternancia" between formation and use and it will have a normal repayment: it has completely broken ties it to the minister with " contracts basura". The contract is for young people between 16 and 25 years and, transitorily, also it stops young people between 25 and 30 years. The duration will be between one and two years and will be able to prorogue a year more based on the duration of the formative process in which the person is inserted. The labor day will be of 75% of habitual the labor day in the company. The rest of the time will be dedicated to formative activities in a formative center. The social protection, according to the minister, will be the same that stops the rest of contracts, including the protection by unemployment, and of the FOGASA; on the other hand, there will be...

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