Professional Social Security Increasingly companies that decide to help their employees to form, either through courses that they teach in the company itself, devoting them a small part of the workday and another part of the leisure of the worker in question, for example, before starting their workday or more finishing late, either, through online courses that these can be performed comfortably from home when it is most convenient to them. All companies that meet a minimum requirements (detailed below) can benefit from the training bonus. The fact that workers are well trained in their work will have increase productivity and probably the motivation of the worker in the company. Requirements of the companies to apply for this training:-are eligible all the companies that have work centres in the territory of the Spanish State, matter what your size or location. -Develop training for its workers. -That you are traded by the contingency of training Professional Social Security. -Keep abreast in payments to Social Security and Treasury. -Having received payment of the course according to the tariff that collects the course catalog and forms of payment and always before the bonus. -Follow instructions we will reach the end of the course, to introduce social insurance by applying the bonus and the correct way to post expenditure for continuing training. Any company with employed persons in charge has a formative credit minimum annual 420. But not only the companies can benefit from the training bonus, also can do the associations, foundations and ONGs are also entitled to grants for the training of workers who have contracted. Requirements of the worker to apply for this training:-be registered in the General Social security scheme (self-employed). As for self-employed workers, these cannot benefit from this type of training bonus, but if that its workers can benefit. It is...

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