Type Of Security Required At Home That level of security needed at home?Until recently I satisfied with having a good antivirus, firewall and scan some occasionally your computer for malicious programs. With the passage of time, my daughters began, as is expected, using pages of internet, find school information, send emails to their friends or our relatives who do not live as close enough to visit us. They are all activities licit, and I do not sobreprotegerlas privandolas develop in normal form as does it the rest of the planet.Always try to throw an innocent miradita to what they do, ask them, offering my help and slide them as he does not want the thing, helpful hints to avoid problems.Also I find it important to set clear rules of the game, establish schedules, type of sites to visit, try to make it very clear what you allow or not do on the PC. Supposed that this was sufficient, but I surprise one day, watching my daughter play an innocent game in which she moved a girl on the screen, inside a big Park, and until he could climb to a car and tour the city. Caught my attention and le pedi that I have a bit of that game was. They imagine my sirpresa to learn that it was a chat program chart, where the goats come in, take a picture and move throughout a city, interacting with other characters from the site which could be kids your age or not, never know that forbade such page on my computer. Therefore I advise other parents at my situation, recourse to a professional, in these cases, if prevention is better that cure, crimes committed on our children, have no cure.
Gregorio Hernandez Taking the words of Marcel Mauss, quoted by Barker, though I differ with the concept of religion as the cult, the myth was a sujeto a necessary and new interpretations that was creating something of a myth of the myth, configured as the religion of collective salvation, in the years following, extending to all over the country to become today the most popular religion in Venezuela, and across borders and countries has penetrated neighbors. From Myth to Myth and Cult worship are closely related. The cult of Maria Lionza product seems to be a slow process of accumulation that incorporates ancient rituals of indigenous, African and European, that are experienced in the first decades of the twentieth century and which gave rise to the deity that we know today: the Queen Mary Lionza . In its internal composition, the worship due to a ranking by the so-called courts: the main, built by Queen Maria Lionza, Indian and black Guaicaipuro Felipe, in a perfect trinity syncretic. It is subordinate to the other courts, such as India, formed by the various chiefs Venezuelans, the doctor where Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez, a famous physician named a venerablea by the Vatican and who has been fighting for years for canonization, Jose Maria Vargas and Luis Razetti, the Viking, the African, consisting of seven Yoruba deities, Chango, Oshun, Elegua, Yemaya, Adcitada; among others. Also, the spirits that make up these courts have syncretized, incorporating elements from other cultures. Renowned artists, popular, legendary heroes like Simon Bolivar are part of the spirits with whom you can talk through the a cajona or medium at any seance.

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