Types of Blinds If you translate a word from the French jalousie, it is interpreted as follows: 'Mnogostvorchatye curtains or blinds may consist of mobile or fixed plates are installed in homes across the window, a door or grating of searchlights. Main objective of the change of light or air flow in the right place. " The structure of the blinds is the following: - the presence of the cornice, which differs significantly from the eaves for fixing curtains. Curtain blinds are equipped with special anchorages, which are formed under a certain type of blinds. - One must have support for mounting of the cornice, it is called bracket - the surface of the curtains are special strips - fins, which are to be made of cloth, metal or plastic - generic side mechanism allows you to efficiently operate blinds - decor element - a control circuit, turning the slats - the rope that lets you open, pushing the blinds - some runners and clips that attach the blinds to the eaves - the separator is between each stripe blinds, which prevents the confusing and too close to each other shutters - security shutters are equipped with vertical small weight, which aggravates the lamellae and aligns them. Blinds are different in structure and appearance. The first difference - it's a way to mount blades, another difference of location type lamellae. There are vertical and horizontal blinds. Horizontal blinds - this is a very successful design solution for window decorations in the office or in the kitchen at home. Horizontal blinds can be aluminum, wood or plastic. Plastic began to enjoy the greatest popularity, because they differ a transparent texture. Horizontal blinds can be cleaned or a soft cloth or brush. At the time of cleaning blinds should be closed. Very Dirty blinds need...
Income People Your income has increased dramatically? What is and what not to do it now. Our time - a time of great opportunity. Including the cash! Right now, a growing number of citizens of our country dramatically increased revenues. However, I can judge this only subjectively, in my inner circle. Yes, the money people have become more. The money, if handled not know how, people have been known to spoil. And enough wealthy people complain about the lack of money, in my opinion, as often as poor. Even the examples will not lead, we all know about people from your life experience. So: you have a new job, new job, new ... In general, money you can spend suddenly became much greater. Much more! But how? That this question is usually that bewilders a happy man, at whose head only difference between the old (that was until recently) and new (which is now) income. Costs that he is doing now, blinded by the new opportunities, virtually ignored. And after a while again not enough money. Or only enough for bare necessities. However, now it is "necessary" is much more expensive. New habits become drained and needs the addition of income. Or more. It happens. Exceptions certainly exist, but they only confirm the rule. So let yourself become such an exception! So, what do you do if Your income suddenly increased significantly? It is necessary to observe a few simple rules. 1. Accounting, planning and control. They are always necessary, but in a situation of huge increase in revenues - in particular.

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