New Notebook The new notebook has twice the performance as the previous generation. Lion interface has features similar to the iPhone and iPad. The company also announces a new high-definition monitor. This Wednesday it was full of premieres for Apple, which launched a revamped version of MacBook Air; the eighth version of the operating system OS X, Lion; and a renewal of Mac mini, and also announced the placing on the market of a high definition monitor, according to informed the company. The new MacBook Air has last generation processors, input/output Thunderbolt - for connecting high-speed peripherals such as screens in high definition, a keyboard-backlit and the Lion version of Apple's operating system. This new portable, available already for web purchases and beginning this Thursday, at stores from 949 euros, has up to twice the performance than the previous generation and account with flash storage, which allows for a faster startup. Available in 11 and 13 inch models, with a weight between 1 and 1.34 kg, and thanks to a compact design, measures just 0.28 centimeters in the narrowest part and 1.72 inches at the widest. Multi-Touch also was released the new version of the OS X operating system, with more than 250 new features which you can download from the App Store for 23.99 euros on Wednesday. The news of Lion among applications to full screen, a new application for sending mails and the new multi-touch gestures, the same interface using devices like iPhone or iPad, which allows touching or pinching with your fingers to zoom in an image or web page or slide to the right or left to turn the page. The new software will be available for free to customers who have purchased a valid computer with the new version from 6 June. A single cable is not...

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