Project SUESC Reciclar Research for ' ' Project SUESC Reciclar 2008' ' 1.Onde is located the main lixeira of the SUESC? The size of the lixeira one holds the garbage demand produced for the pupils and employees? Which the size of the lixeira? In the subsoil, where also the garage functions. Yes. The room measures 4,45m X 4,60m. + twelve meters. 2.Qual its state of conservation? Good, it is kept clean and with low volume of garbage, it is not left to accumulate. 3.A SUESC costuma to separate its garbage? In the case of the SUESC not; but the company I CONSERVE, terceirizada, separates the cardboard of the too much dejections. 4.Se affirmative, where places the separate garbage? It is placed in the proper dependence of the lixeira (room). employee 5.Quantos are in charge of the cleanness it building? Are 12 employees, distributed in the three existing turns: morning, and late nocturnal. 6.Existe somebody responsible thing for the separation of the garbage? In the only case of separation (cardboard), yes. They are the proper employees of the terceirizada company who collect the garbage and they separate that it in the lixeira. 7.Qual the company who collects the garbage and the regularity of this collect? COLUMRB, daily of 2 to 6 fair in the schedule between 20h and 21h30min. 8.Quando it does not pass to the collect, which the procedure adopted for the SUESC? In the case of not collect, the garbage returns the internal lixeira from the building. 9.Existe in the building, adjusted space to keep the materials you recycle? presses? Where this press is installed, in affirmative case? Yes. In the room where he is collected the garbage, a compactador exists, that functions with sealed up bags special the meter being in the extremities. 10.A SUESC would like to recycle its garbage...
Building Systems The building systems. Although in reality, it can be said that in the last century not to fall into the idea that it represented very old, we can say with almost certainly, now forty years ago, less than half a century, the vessels of the systems were built by concrete, some with concrete in mass, the vast majority of reinforced concrete. Little by little has been introduced for the construction of vessels and water tanks pool, shotcrete system, known procedure ensuring tightness and speed of execution. Regardless, this procedure has been used for containment of slopes and also for coating the interior surfaces of the tunnels where, even from that, we note that when we went through a tunnel, we no longer drops of water on the car. Now we can see the wide variety of systems used for the construction of vessels, may be, for example: Reinforced concrete traditional precast concrete blocks filled with concrete blocks of polyurethane, reinforced concrete and shotcrete fill monocoque constructed parts of polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass panels made of synthetic materials, with external tensioning straps and reinforced galvanized steel panels with tie external reinforcement and tensioners with stainless steel panels and tensioning straps Double external reinforcement steel panel, double-acting formwork Others. Regardless of construction systems and installation of swimming glasses of rigid and fixed, we found a significant increase in the supply of the panel referred to as removable canvas, inflatable structures of synthetic materials. It is a demand in the sector with a demand that will also apply but at a slower pace.

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