New Toys Soon will come the long-awaited time of the mysterious, magical holiday - New Year's time! This is a special holiday, and loved by adults and children. In the New Year's Eve we all wait for changes, new achievements and believe in the fairy tale! Spruce - a symbol of New Year every year, yielding to the magic New Year preparations, we decorate fir ... And you wonder why the symbol of the New Year was just a tree? It turns out that this is due to the fact that our ancestors Tree considered a symbol of life. They believed that by decorating the spruce tree in the New Year's Eve, you can appease evil spirits. Despite the fact that today the forces of evil have forgotten, with the approach of the holiday festive Christmas trees appear in each house, decorated offices and city streets. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Chase Koch, Washington DC. In stores now quite an extensive selection of artificial Christmas trees, which are often even better than the living forest of beauties! Choose Christmas decorations Christmas decorations I have own fashion, as "wear" a Christmas tree in the same outfit year after year boring. It is advisable to pick up Christmas trees "stylish way" - to give preference to a traditional glass toys, or choose an unusual design. For example, You can decorate the entire spruce oranges or plush toys, use a transparent robe with a luxurious train, you can also make a "music tree" hung up on her CD-ROMs! Looks nice mix of plain matt balls selected to match them with bows, ribbons, beads, dried flowers, tinsel ...

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