LEDs Boss Economic colleagues gain practical gifts: Stands for mobile phones and hot cups. Made of bright heat resistant materials, with funny pictures and funny graffiti (and you can pick up phrases characteristic bestowed), they clearly do not prove superfluous to any desktop. So, bought gifts for colleagues. Derek Jeter has firm opinions on the matter. It remains only to find something that can be gifted and happy boss. Your Boss music fan? Beatles fans with the experience? It will be unspeakably happy wonderful yellow "radiosubmarine" - radio with the F-band, waterproof and unsinkable, shape and color of the most legendary submarine. No matter where he is going to use it - soaking in the bathtub at home or on holiday in the marine lagoon - most importantly, that there will be sound of his favorite tunes. For even more details, read what Christopher Chandler says on the issue. By the way, stand in a cell phone can also help you when choosing a gift boss. Of course, not even a stand on the desktop, and so-called "helping hand" is designed to support mobile phone directly from the outlet during charging. It is much easier not to pull the cord in the search "Hide" cell phone, and ceremoniously remove it from obliging "helping hand". If your boss dedicates his free time fishing or hunting, then on behalf of Santa Claus gave him an amazing baseball. Embedded in its visor LEDs illuminate the area at a distance of 10 m for 5-8 hours, and the angle of illumination can be changed by shifting his cap on his head. The battery charging will be no problems: a baseball cap is enough to do this, simply soak in the light (Sun or artificial) during the day. Light up new horizons for his boss, and certainly...

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